Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

  1. Foreword

    EISA meets customers’ requirements by offering best quality services for more than 25 years. The strategy of our sustainable development by creating innovative solutions requires a common set core values, principles and practices that complied by all our employees. We value our professional reputation and transparency among customers, community, and all partners, we improve our relations and services standards on an ongoing basis to achieve the success. Each employee acting with high responsibility follows the main EISA fundamentals:

    • Respect to human personality
    • Prohibition of discrimination
    • Protection of human rights
    • Commitment to quality service principles
    • Professionalism, loyalty, and proper attitude at every level
    • Building of long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and partners
    • Compliance with law, regulations, and policies
    • Respect to environment

    This Code addresses to:

    • EISA employees and management
    • EISA customers
    • EISA suppliers, subcontractors, and partners

    Expectations and responsibility

    All staff comply with our value system and follow principles of fair and cooperative collaboration, responsibility, trust, open communication, and professional conduct.

    EISA managers give a good example to staff when demonstrating integrity and ethical values on daily basis. They create the transparent and open working environment that promotes high productivity and supports effective internal and external relations. Our management cultivates corporate environment free any discrimination and harassment, unworthy working conditions.

    The basic values govern how EISA conduct its affairs and outline responsibilities to customers, employees, business partners and society.

    Our employees are alert to any violations of this Code, intervene all unsafe, non-compliant situations and managers in response to violation implement appropriate procedures in order mitigate the consequences and related risks.

    Customers may expect from all our employees the willingness to meet their need and to do all the best within exiting powers. Each employee keeps the reputation of the company and avoid behavior that has negative impact on relationships with customers.

    All companies and people cooperate with EISA for its services on principles of fair and respectful interactions in full compliance with the law.



    EISA Code of Ethics establishes main corporate standards of sustainability and social responsibility of our company in all its business activities in all regions. Provisions of this Code are treated as practical references and guidelines for all EISA staff regardless specific position and area of responsibility.

  2. Internal framework

    Corporate culture, environment, and competencies

    EISA creates safe, healthy, and positive respectful working environment for all employees and expects from them honesty, respectful behavior to each other. Any discrimination based on religion, age, gender, disability, marital status, nationality, and race are not tolerated.
    Internal trusting communication and high personal responsibility compile basic principles for the staff.
    To improve our quality standard and meet the challenges of new era an ongoing basis, we develop professional skills of our employees and practice transparent management.

    Data security and confidentiality

    The use, access, security of sensitive company data, software and IT complies with relevant provisions and data protection regulations. Sensitive data, which includes confidential commercial information and personal data is processed and stored with utmost accuracy. Any knowledge of business affairs obtained during commercial activities should be treated with discretion and extremely caution.


    Each employee must comply with his or her employment contract and internal company regulations. Employees must act in accordance to any law, provision and implemented procedure related to their work.
    Management ensures all business processes to be adjusted in due order and prevents any situations that may impact negative on company functioning.
    Compliance with professional due diligence principles and procedures could not be optional.

  3. External framework

    Compliance with laws and regulations

    We conduct all our business activities in comply with national and international laws and regulations. All employees are responsible to adhere to requirements and restrictions imposed by relevant legislation, rules, and regulations.

    Prevention of corruption and bribery

    We aim for achievement of the highest ethical standards and therefore, we never seek or accept any facilitation payment, gift, or favor in return for benefits or to gain a business advantage. EISA maintains transparency of the interaction with all parties we cooperate with – customers, suppliers, financial institutions, authorities, and complies with anti-corruption laws without any exceptions.
    We prefer to know who we are doing business with by conducting appropriate due diligence. The basic principle we follow is: never offer, give or accept inappropriate gifts and hospitality directly or indirectly.

    Money laundering

    We try to prevent risk of being exploited in legitimization of crime proceeds, guard to help protect our reputation and ensure we comply with the law. We always do our best to ensure that business transactions on behalf of EISA do not involve acquiring, using, or holding monetary proceeds or property acquired with the proceeds of crime.

    Embargo and sanctions

    We comply with the adherence to the applicable embargo and sanctions rules and regulations with utmost importance
    Transactions with sanctioned/ listed persons and entities are rejected, and such persons and entities are traced blocked in our system.


    EISA is committed to principles of open fair competition.  We comply with national and international laws related to competition and obtain information about our competitors only by permitted approaches. We present only appropriate information bout our services and avoid business practices that may discredit any party.

    Environment protection

    We adhere to environment protection regulations and do not tolerate to any violation caused.

    EISA participate in recycling programs and develops effective waste management practices.

  4. Compliance with Code of Ethics

    EISA managers actively promote implementation and compliance with present Code of Ethics.
    All EISA employees are committed to adhere provisions of this policy and on an ongoing basis provide necessary information to their superiors.
    We regularly analyze the accomplishment and review the performance to assure continual improvement of present Code and its principles.